Full band rehearsals are held every Tuesday night (except school holidays) from 7:30pm. Additional rehearsals are often held on Friday nights in the lead-up to important performances and competitions.

Band members are encouraged to be at rehearsal 15 minutes prior to commencement, to allow time to warm up their instruments, tune-up, check their folders and ensure they have the necessary music.
Being organised, ensures a more productive and rewarding use of our available time.

The rehearsal time is spent practising "listening" skills to ensure we are striving to play as a "band" and not just individuals in the same place. We usually have something new to try out, giving us the opportunity to brush up our sight-reading skills. Then there is the technical instruction on some of the more challenging parts and the chance to hear the full composer's intentions as we each contribute our part of the arrangement. Of course, what would a rehearsal be, without rehearsing? Therefore, a significant portion of our time together is working through our current repertoire.