Recruitment and Training

The band is keen to recruit members from all age groups and all levels of experience. The band has a wonderful culture, where all players are encouraged and supported to continue developing their skills.

Please note that we have reintroduced a training band, known as the Warragul Municipal Learners Band. With the support of Senior Band members, Anthony Gardner is leading this group.
Rehearsals proceed the senior band on a Tuesday evening from 6pm until 7:15pm. The band room is open from 5:30pm to warm up and settle in.
There are plenty of spaces for more players, and we welcome the chance to introduce the delights of brass music to other willing participants.

Individual lessons are available for interested parties, so please
contact us for further information about how we can nurture your talent.

Assorted high quality instruments are available at a very nominal charge per term.

Anyone who is willing to learn is accepted, however the drop out rate is quite high, normally about 60% over the first twelve months. Music is quite a demanding art form and requires large doses of dedication and self discipline from those who wish to succeed.

Formal lessons are only a small part of the learning process. Regular daily home practice of at least 30 minutes per day will generally ensure an acceptable degree of mastery over the instrument.

Generally students with no musical experience start their training on a cornet, however if this proves unsatisfactory the player can transfer to an instrument with a larger mouth piece, which may be more suitable.

After learners master the basics of their instrument they can then rehearse with the band proper and become an integral member of the team.

All players are encouraged to participate in competition work either as soloists or in small groups. Such competitions are run by various eisteddfods or the state and national organising bodies of the brass band movement. There is no better way of improving one’s skills than by serious competition.