• 2021
  • October 2021

    Its wonderful to be bringing you a much more musical focused update as we head into the final months of the year.

    Firstly a congratulations to our members who submitted their solo entries to the Traralgon Eisteddfod this year. While we couldn’t enjoy the traditional Eisteddfod format its still pleasing to be able to acknowledge Eloise Hunt for coming 3rd, Jai Griffiths for coming 2nd and Illyan Mofakhami on coming 1st in their individual solo sections. Well done for both being able to prepare an entry and your respective placings. An excellent achievement amidst another challenging year.

  • Next on the list of updates is a call out to players who may be able to participate in a Remembrance Day service in Warragul. We don’t have a full set of details of the event but the RSL has certainly asked if we could resent some hymn settings similar to Anzac day. The service would be expected to likely occur at the Warragul Cenotaph sometime around 11am on Thursday the 11th of November. It is a work/school day, which could make if difficult for some but if you think you could help out, let Ben know and come along for the next 2 Tuesday night rehearsals which will be preparing some hymns for this service. We are taking our Hymns from the Salvation Army books and are currently looking at numbers 2, 9, 11, 224, 323, 325, 371 & 393.

    Note that while next Tuesday Night (2nd November) is a public holiday there will still be 7:30pm rehearsal to prepare for Remembrance Day, so please do attend if your looking to help out with this event.

    Following Remembrance Day we will be looking to focus our efforts on some Christmas music and getting back out in the community to play some carols and perhaps some other music also. As a bit of bad news the Drouin Carols have now cancelled this years event due to red tape challenges but the Warragul Carol Committee is still optimistic it will get through it’s last few hoops, so fingers crossed this event will get a green light. In the mean time we will endeavor to put our selves back out there into December so keep watching this space.

    On Tuesday 16th November we will be joining together as a learner and senior band starting at 7:00pm and will continue with this format as we prepare our Christmas music up to Christmas where we will take a break until we come back together again next year. From this date we would love to see anyone attend rehearsals who is interested in taking part in a Christmas music program and certainly welcome anyone back to the band room who may not have been for a while and even would be happy to see any new faces who might be floating about and just keen to get back into some music again. So do come along and join us to finish the year off on a positive note

  • 2020

  • March 2020

    Dear Members and friends,

    Re: Coronavirus Pandemic

    Due to advice given to a number of similar organisations and the increased precautionary measures ordered by authorities, the Warragul Municipal Band Committee has reluctantly agreed and decided on a suspension of rehearsals effective immediately until further notice (No rehearsal Tuesday 17 March and following weeks). WG Chorale, Wesley of Warragul and other brass bands have suspended rehearsals and public performances in the past few days.

    This prudent decision has been made in the interests of our members and the broader community. Rehearsals are considered non essential in the short term and the band should be able to perform for ANZAC day if required. Benjamin Sim has agreed to prepare a program and parts with directions for players for ANZAC Day (if this event proceeds). Further email advice will be given to resume rehearsals back to normal.

    Please email or telephone me if you have any questions or concerns or if you need support for your "at home" preparations.
    Quote from B. Sim 2020 "If players are stuck at home with nothing to do but practise - imagine the benefits we will see when we resume rehearsals!"

    Best regards and keep safe.

    Hans van Meurs
    Warragul Band President

  • Band Manager's Report - January 2020

    Happy New Year Everyone,

    Hopefully you have all enjoyed some family time and a chance to take a break coming into the new year. With Australia Day looming it’s time to acknowledge a return to band activities as we put together some preparations for our yearly Australia Day appearance.

    There will be a small ensemble group setting for the Australia Day Awards Ceremony and Australia Day Breakfast which Ben will follow up individually with those involved, but for everyone else Australia Day will simply consist of the usual flag raising and citizenship ceremony on Sunday 26th of January. To prepare for this event we will have a 7pm rehearsal on Friday 24th of January. We would love to have any of our learners as well as senior band members along who would be able to take part. It’s a limited number of numbers (flag salutes, national anthem, Waltzing Fair Matilda March, and possibly one or two other themed numbers) we need to actually play and it will make our march down the hill that bit better if we can get a good number of players along.

    Note, normal band rehearsals (and times) will start to come back into play post Australia Day, with the Learners band back on deck from Tuesday February 4th as the school term gets underway.

    Will leave you to dust those intruments off again and will see you all soon.

  • 2019
  • Band Manager's Report (and Awards) - December 2019

    Well we have ticked off our first Carols outing (the Jindivick Market) and enjoyed a lovely Christmas breakup to get into that festive spirit. It’s onto Drouin this Saturday (December 14th) for another round of carols, but before we focus on this next event I’d like to share with you all our Band Award winners and Honourable Mentions for 2019 (if you missed the award presentations on the weekend). Congratulations to all who managed to get recognised for work individual efforts this year (keep up the good work) and thanks to those that put forward nominations to ensure we have been able to acknowledge these individual efforts.

    There should be a photo opportunity for our Award winners at tonight’s rehearsal, so those that did get to receive their awards if you could take them along for a group photo tonight that would be great.

    The following is an outline of our deserving award mentions and winners with some accompanying comments regarding why they were nominated.

    Making Music Award
    Awarded to an individual who has put in a special musical performance for the year

    Honourable Mentions:

       All this year’s soloist’s & ensemble performances
       Max - Great rolls & keeping on the beat
       Euan - Willing to have a go at percussion, has picked things up really quickly
       Ilyan - Always willing to play solos & sounds amazing and confident

    Extra Special Mentions:

       Nathaniel Jackson - Performances throughout the year, amazing solos, state championship solo, Anzac day – last post
       Nate Lucas - State Championship Solo

    Award Winner:

       Eloise Hunt - Her Traralgon Eisteddfod appearance – Achieved the ‘Most Promising Junior Bands Person’ award, after losing a tooth and a shaky morning start to put in an amazing performance

    Band Champion
    For an individual who has made a valuable contribution to the band in any form and doesn’t have to be a player but can be a family member or band supporter

    Honourable Mentions:

       All our sausage sizzle volunteers
       Sue - Ever-present at rehearsals smiling, supportive, positive and encouraging of learners
       Vicky - Attends most rehearsal, supportive and puts in a heap of effort
       Rob - All his outside of band help
       Jenny - Some excellent work getting some new polo tops arranged
       Ben - Just a legend – patient with the learners. ‘His Magnificent Moustache’
       Anthony G - His teaching and band direction

    Extra Special Mention

       Anthony Lucas - Trailer transport/management, setting up, fixing instruments, organising competitions, setting up the media centre

    Award Winners:

       Glenice & Peter Campbell - Amazing effort & Attitude, library management, grants, BBQ duty, band room maintenance & heaps of behind the scene work

    Band Blunder
    For any of those ‘whoops’ moments that happen out in the line of band duty that we really can’t help but bring up again (for example tongue tied Band Managers who keep referring to a Bland Bunder Award)

    Honourable Mentions:

       Alex - Rehearsals, the obvious
       Nate - The obvious, forgetting music etc
       Max - Being a beat out in carols, attending the Jindivick Market carols playout and halfway through proclaiming ‘so where are we anyway, this looks like a market’.
       Eloise - Losing a tooth before her Traralgon Eisteddfod appearance

    Extra Special Mention:

       Al - Showing up to a Woolworths Sausage Sizzle a week early

    Award Winner

       Ben - Presenting to Girl Guides, Cannot count Strawberries & Treble Clefs (for full details Paul, remembers the event very well)

    Conductors Awards

       Idris - Putting in a good musical effort for the year, giving things a solid go and following conductor direction
       Max - Doing some really good work on percussion and following conductor direction

    See you all at tonight’s rehearsal, as we get everything in order for the Drouin Carols.

  • Band Manager's Report - July 2019

    This Saturday we wish our VBL competition representatives all the best with an exciting head to head quintet section featuring both our Junior and Senior ensemble groups who have been practicing away diligently these past few weeks. We also look forward to seeing how our soloist entries go after some encouraging appearances at the Warragul Eisteddfod. Anyone interested in dropping in to simply view the VBL event (held at the Eltham High School, 30-60 Withers Way, Eltham) is welcome to do so with a $10:00 entry fee for the day. The full event is running from 9:00am to 4:00pm, but you can check out the sections we have band representatives for in the attached schedule.

    Having mentioned last week’s Warragul Eisteddfod if you haven’t caught up with the positive outcome yet the results were as follows;

       Eloise Hunt - 3rd (12&Under)
       Idris Mofakhami - 3rd (Grade 3/4) HM (14&Under)
       Calvin Langford - 2nd (Grade 3/4)
       Nathaniel Jackson - HM (16&Under)
       Ilyan Mofakhami - 3rd (16&Under)
       Nate Lucas - 1st (16&Under)

    Keep up the good work everyone, and for those who haven’t been on the showcase circuit don’t back off that practice and attending rehearsals just yet. We are still looking towards putting in a good Traralgon appearance so need all available hands on deck.

  • 2018
  • October 2018

    Following great successes at the LV Eisteddfod, the Municipal Band continue to focus on a variety of upcoming performances.

    With a generous grant from Council, our new Bass Drum will be given a good beating at three Armistice Living Tribute shows on the 28th. These 20 minute performances in Warragul’s Civic Park, incorporate some spectacular acrobatics and period music at 12:30, 1:30 and 2:30pm.

    Next up will be our garden concerts at the magnificent Rosehill Farm on Sunday 4th November at 11:30am and 1pm, with the garden open the entire weekend. This is a rare opportunity to visit one of the most inspired grand gardens of the region. Not to be missed!

    Then, to thank our supporters, we will be holding a short concert, showcasing our musical achievements for the year in the Bruce Armstrong Bandroom on Tuesday 13th November from 6:30pm.

    Our Annual General Meeting will follow, with a shared supper. All interested parties most welcome.

  • July 2018

    Generally it is the Senior Band Members who take a prominent role in playouts and provide the support needed to the junior/learner players. However, over the last couple of months it has definitely been the learners who have stepped up to help out the seniors when players, for one good reason or another, have not always been available. Needless to say, Anthony Gardner, musical Director of the Learners Band has been delighted with the opportunities for his players to display their musical talents and progress in public and the seniors and their Musical Director, Ben Sim, have been grateful to have gaps in their ranks competently filled.

    Some readers will have seen the Learners Band in action a while ago playing a medley of pieces as part of the entertainment at the gala events day at Waterford Rise.

    More recently, a mix of learners and seniors performed at a Pleasant Sunday Afternoon at the Anglican church in Drouin. It was indeed a very pleasant musical occasion, much appreciated by the audience.

    Junior players have acquitted themselves very well at the West Gippsland Performing Arts Competition. In the Instrumental solos, four Band players competed in the 14 years & under: Ilyan Mofakhami, Aaron Remyn, Nate Lucas and Sam Lang with Nate awarded 3rd place and Sam an Honourable Mention. Eloise Hunt was awarded 1st place in the 10 yrs & under novice section; Nathaniel Jackson was awarded 3rd place in the 16 years & under and Adelle Lang was awarded 1st place in the 12 years & under section. Adelle was also the recipient of the Philip Bucknall Encouragement Award. Idris Mofakhami performed very well in the Drum Kit solo section. Well done to all players.

    The Band is looking forward to an all day workshop with the City of Greater Dandenong Brass Band early in September and, later in September, individuals and both learners and seniors bands will be competing in brass sections at the Latrobe Valley Eisteddfod.

    One Band playout which should be noted on everyone’s calendar is the annual Garden Concert at Rosehill Farm at 170 Tolley Rd, Ripplebrook on Sunday, November 4th. In the lovely English Style Garden setting at Rosehill this is a garden/musical event not to be missed. More details will be available closer to the occasion.

  • 2017
  • Haven't got my hands on any records yet.

  • 2016
  • December 2016

    Many thanks to the Drouin District and Community Bank, who have given us $2000 towards standardising our uniform (that's right, new black pants - ooh).

    Unfortunately, due to incomplete sections available for Easter next year, the band have made the difficult decision to withdraw from competing in Launceston in April 2017. Speak to Belinda for reimbursement if you have paid a deposit. Thank you very much to those players and families, who made a determined commitment. We hope to extend our Victorian contests next year and will be even better prepared for Melbourne in 2018.

    Our Remembrance Day concert by all reports, was a brilliant tribute to our local region, and the banding history that is interwoven with our war story. The music, the marching, the stories and poems; not to mention the scones, made for a truly memorable afternoon.

    The band performed in Drouin for their Lights Up Festival, with some impromptu involvement from younger members of the crowd, delighting families and passers by.

    The Learners Band also had a soirée, showcasing their progress throughout the year. In addition to performing as a band, the amazing talents being nurtured here were demonstrated by way of solos and duets by each and every member.

    The band had a delightful break-up celebration at the Dell residence, that was well attended, and included the surprise presentation of Life Membership to Sylvia Trewern (wife of life member Robin) and tireless catering manager. Congratulations Sylvia!

  • November 2016

    A healthy crowd of supporters, had their senses filled with a beautiful day at Rosehill Farm at the end of October. Graeme and Dawn's gardens were picture perfect, and the weather cleared into a gorgeous Spring Day. Special thank you to our hosts and volunteers, who made the day run so smoothly. It was great to have the Learners, with all those juniors, launching the music off, with the Senior Band showcasing a diverse repertoire of toe-tapping hits.

    Next on the calendar is our Remembrance Day concert at the Exhibition Hall on November 13th, so we continue our Tuesday and Friday rehearsals in preparation.

    Our Annual General Meeting will be held in lieu of Band rehearsal on Tuesday 15th November at 8pm. You do not need to be a playing member to be part of the executive committee of the Band, so please come and show your support to your community band.

  • October 2016

    After a full program in December, with a successful showcasing of our Learners Band and multiple Carols events, the The Warragul Band were very pleased to be awarded second placing in the 'D' Grade Brass Bands Section at the Latrobe Valley Eisteddfod last month, competing against four other bands. The award was a well deserved outcome of the hard work put into rehearsals and the attention to musical details which the Adjudicator noted in his report.

    Equally pleasing was the participation and success of two younger players in the Band, Sam and Adelle Lang, receiving placings and Merit Certificates respectively. Sam was also the recipient of the Carole Ingwersen Encouragement Award presented to Junior Brass Instrumentalists. Another section, in memory of Bruce Armstrong, which attracted many entries, was the Open Hymn Solo sponsored by the Latrobe Valley Eisteddfod.

    Coming up is the second annual, special Coffee Melody Garden Concert. See the flyer for more details. The Learners Band will make their public debut with a short concert at 10:15am, preceding the two senior concerts in the garden surrounds.

    Finally, another not-to-be-missed Band special - an afternoon Remembrance Day Concert on Sunday, 13th November. Put the date on the calendar now and watch for further details.

  • August 2016

    The Band were pleased to showcase their challenging repertoire at the Victorian State Championships in Her Majesty's Theatre, Ballarat. Although no official recognition was received, Bandmaster, Ben Sim was very pleased with the concentration and performance under pressure that players demonstrated on stage. With car-pooling the decided means of travel, there was a good show of support and camaradarie amongst players and family members.

    Preparations for the more local competition in Traralgon are already underway, with an entirely new musical selection for our players to hone their skills on.

    The Learners are expanding, with new players joining the ranks on cornet and euphonium. Anthony Gardner is doing a terrific job in balancing the needs of new starters, in addition to keeping things interesting and challenging for the more accomplished members.

  • May 2016

    After two fairly intense marching sessions to brush off cobwebs for some, and to introduce the concept of marching whilst playing for others; the band presented themselves most professionally for the Warragul ANZAC parade. Thank you to Anthony Gardner, and George Smith, our Drum and Deputy Drum Majors respectively, for their patience in getting us into line.

    We have great appreciation for our official buglers, who dutifully and respectfully represent our band at various cenotaphs around the district, as well as other members of the band who contribute to services on a less official basis.

    The band have decided that we have enough player support to prepare for the National Band Championships in Launceston next year. As such, a commitment from players is being sought in the form of a monetary deposit in order to ensure that we have sufficient players to compete.

  • April 2016

    ANZAC day this year will again see our bugler's performing in Dawn Services for Drouin and Warragul, in addition to the Warragul March at 9:50am that precedes the Cenotaph service. Also a service at Fairview Village Warragul at 2pm.

    In light of the upcoming march, the band will be rehearsing it's steps with an off-site rehearsal in the Warragul Exhibition Hall this Tuesday 12th April. Players will be looking forward to rehearsing their movements in a well lit space, under the mace of Anthony Gardner.

  • March 2016

    The Warragul Municipal Band, enjoyed performing under the Bandʼs marquees in the Drouin Memorial Park for the Ficifolia Festival. And again at the Warragul Show, another annual community fixture for the Band. Judging by the reactions of those staying to listen to the music or those just passing by, the many selections of music played were very well received.

    Mention should be made of recently retired Band stalwart, Roy Hammond. Roy is listed as joining the Warragul Band in 1982 - 33 years ago! However Roy was playing brass music well before 1982, having started with Warragul Municipal Band in 1956 and then, after moving to Yarram, restarting the brass band in that town, not to mention stints with Hamilton City Band from 1965 to 1969 and Sale City Band from 1969 to 1976. 1982 was just the beginning of Royʼs second career with the Warragul Band, under the musical directorship of Bruce Armstrong until November, 2014 and, since then, Ben Sim. Royʼs contributions, both as a player and committee member, are much missed.

    Another stalwart, still playing and very active on the committee, is Rob Trewern. Rob, whose entire playing career has been with Warragul Municipal, started as a learner in 1957. The Band players had the pleasure very recently of helping Rob celebrate his 70th birthday.

    The Learners Band, led by Anthony Gardner, is diligently working towards an end of term mini concert for family and friends.

  • February 2016

    The Band and an ensemble group supported the Baw Baw Shire at three Australia Day events: The Australia Day Awards Ceremony in the Fountain Room, the Australia Day Breakfast in Drouin and Australia Day Flag Raising Ceremony at Civic Park. As always, there was a strong commitment by Band Members to these important events.

    The forthcoming Ficifolia Festival in Drouin will see the Band lending its support once again to the popular street parade on Saturday, 13th February from 4pm (parade at 5pm).

    Normal rehearsals have resumed for the Senior Band on Tuesdays at 7:30pm in the Bruce Armstrong Band Room, Civic Place Warragul. The Learners Band, formed last year for those just starting out on their musical brass journey has also resumed under the leadership of Anthony Gardner who also offers brass tuition. Practises commence at 6pm on Tuesday nights.

  • January 2016

    After a full program in December, with a successful showcasing of our Learners Band and multiple Carols events, the band enjoyed a welcome break over the New Year. Rehearsals have resumed for the senior band in preparation for Australia Day celebrations and a significant march in Koo Wee Rup for the Eastern Districts Fire Brigade Competition. This will be a torchlight procession, and will certainly test the stamina of our players and marchers alike. We will be participating in the usual Australia Day ceremonies, that include an awards ceremony, Australia Day breakfast, and the morning Flag Raising ceremony. The anticipated performances at this stage are indicating a full calendar of music, which is what we love to share. Our learners will resume in February with the start of the school year.

  • 2015
  • November 2015

    The band's circuit series finished beautifully at Rosehill Farm, and was an absolutely delightful day with two concerts in a stunning formal garden setting. Thank you to all who helped make the day such a success, particularly Graeme and Dawn for opening up their garden for us. The Learners Band are making tremendous progress, gearing up for a short concert in December. Families and supporters are invited to join us at the band room for their very first concert on 15th December. With Christmas fast approaching, our carol sheets have made their way back to our music stands, ready for the Drouin and Warragul performances.

  • October 2015

    The Municipal Band had a terrific time, performing on stage at Federation Square (along with a host of other Victorian Bands) as part of BandStand Sunday. The majority of players travelled by train together, making for a very enjoyable afternoon. Special thanks to the helpers we received on the day, and to the VBL for the smooth organisation of such an event. We are appreciating the growing enthusiasm of attendance at our Learners Band, and continue to welcome new players each week. At present, our efforts are gearing up for our final concert in our Melody Circuit Series, to be held on November 15th. This should be a terrific day, spent at the delightful and spectacular gardens of Rosehill Farm. Not to be missed for music or garden lovers.

  • September 2015

    With plenty of enthusiastic assistance from our senior players, we are pleased to announce the formation of the Warragul Municipal Learners Band. This is a wonderful opportunity for new and interested players to gain the experience and confidence necessary to make great music with others, serving as a stepping-stone to our senior band. Rehearsals commence at 6pm on Tuesdays under the baton of Anthony Gardner, preceding our usual rehearsal. We have a myriad of instruments available for very modest hire fees, or even a free-trial basis. No age restrictions apply. All welcome.

  • August 2015

    It is full steam ahead as the Warragul Municipal Band polish up their repertoire of six contrasting pieces for the Traralgon Eisteddfod. In addition to preparing a competitive performance, we are about to commence our outdoor Coffee Melody Circuit Series. Look out for performances in the parks, starting at Yarragon on Sept 5 from 11am. This will be a good warm up for the Eisteddfod in Traralgon on Sunday the 13th. Check our "Performances" page on the website for other times and places. Hope to see you there.

  • July 2015

    Maintaining a steady rehearsal momentum, the band are preparing for an outdoor series of concerts around the shire in the coming months of Spring. You can find details of our Coffee Melody Circuit Series on our Performances page. Further ahead, members of the Band have expressed an interest to compete in the National Band Championships in Adelaide over Easter next year. With contests in sight, we rehearsed as usual throughout the school holidays.

  • June 2015

    Our Municipal Band are delighted to officially instate Benjamin Sim as our new Band Master (who has been acting in this position since the beginning of the year). The band have gone up a few notches with the installation of tiered platforming in our rehearsal space. The back row instruments are now raised to a comfortable viewing level, while the percussion section are up on a substantial pedestal. A small but dedicated team of members and family undertook the challenge of shifting, cleaning and installing the long forgotten staging. With a clear line of sight between the conductor and instrumentalists, Ben is working us through some challenging new repertoire.

  • 5th May 2015

    It is an emotional update to share that our Esteemed and Legendary Band Master for the best part of half a century, Mr Bruce Armstrong OAM (aka Mr A.) has passed on this morning. The impact of Bruce's musical passion has brought inspiration to generations, with National and International impact. Our loss is great indeed, as we strive to continue his musical legacy. What an astonishing archive of music and teaching we've been left with, not to mention the diverse number of reminders that bring a smile back to our faces.

  • April 2015

    With a busier than usual ANZAC period, the band maintained commendable commitment to rehearsals and performances. The Armed Man Mass for Peace concerts were attended at close to capacity, with our usual members being gratefully complemented by some talented Salvation Army players. By all reports, the audience were "wowed" by the spactacle and journey they were taken on through music and theatre. Thanks also to our collaborative friends at West Gippsland Chorale and Off the Leash Theatre.

  • March 2015

    The unfavourable weather and lack of alternate locations, had us miss our usual Parade accompaniment at the Drouin Ficifolia Festival. With the Warragul Show performance in a week, our rehearsals will not go to waste. The Band's preparations for our huge combined ANZAC tribute concert for April are well underway. With the challenging "Armed Man - Mass for Peace" taking the focus of our rehearsals.

    Health reasons have necessitated Bruce Armstrong (OAM) to step back his leadership of the band, which has been enthusiastically and passionately picked up in the interim by Benjamin Sim. With plenty of challenging music in store, Friday rehearsals are complementing our usual Tuesday evenings.

  • 2014
  • August 2014

    We had a terrific concert with the Molly Maguires in the Arts Centre on 23rd August. The music and musicianship were terrific, with favourable reports from all who attended.

    This was followed up with a strong representation at the Traralgon Eisteddfod. We secured an Honourable Mention in C grade and a very respectable 2nd place in B grade. Congratulations to Bruce and the players from our band, as well as the wonderful competitors.

  • July 2014

    We're gearing up for our next Melody Matinee Concert to be held at the Arts Centre on 23rd August. This time we are delighted to have the highly acclaimed Molly Maguires as our feature artists.

  • 21st June 2014

    Our dear friend, fellow musician and longest serving life member Milton "Milt" Dawson passed away on 21 June.

    Those of us who have had the pleasure of his company, wisdom and playing ability will miss him, but, we have a wealth of memories to ponder and lean on as we mourn his passing.

  • 2013
  • Roy's Club Notes - October 2013

    Held its annual meeting last month. Peter Dell was re-elected as President with Alister Lang as Secretary and Kaye Dawson Treasurer. Although there were only 17 present, all key positions were filled. The band is looking forward to the next twelve months with optimism under Peter’s leadership with some fresh ideas for up coming projects. These will follow on from the success of moving the annual coffee melody recital from an evening to an afternoon performance.

    The band complement is still lacking a number of key position players; notably the back line cornets and in the bass section. Naturally the band would love to welcome any persons of previous brass band experience and as always, the band is open to new recruits of any age. Our bandmaster’s contact (Bruce) is 56 235196.

  • Roy's Club Notes - May 2013

    There have been some exciting changes in the band this year. With our long-standing president Gai Duncan finishing up after many years of tireless service, we welcome our new president Peter Dell to the helm.

    The committee remains in need of a replacement Treasurer to step in for Judy.
    There have been some new members join our ranks, offering some welcome fresh talent.

    And our Annual Melody Night has taken a mature turn, to this year become our first Annual Melody Matinee. It is to be held in the Arts Centre at the leisurely time of 2pm on Saturday the 22nd June. Get in quick for your tickets. As per previous concerts, Bruce is fine-tuning a wonderful selection of varied music that will showcase some of the hidden talent within the band, as well as showing off some special guests

  • 2012
  • Roy's Club Notes - April 2012

    The band has been busy of late with five play-outs over the past few weeks. Coffee Melody Night is coming up again on June 30th (flyers are being distributed) at the Arts Centre, so that program is our main focus at practice. Proceeds from this night will be used to supplement the uniforms by the purchase of spray jackets (the weather seems to be coming more inclement of late). Also an additional set of music stands may be obtained to obviate double handling when the band plays out. The purpose built trailer which the band uses at gigs, is showing signs of wear, all for the want of undercover storage. If any local band supporter has a spare garage or carport that could be put to use, then that would be welcomed by the band. The funds raised from the recent movie night have been spent on the purchase of a second hand "Imperial" Baritone instrument.

  • 2011
  • Roy's Club Notes - November 2011

    Gai Duncan was re-elected President of the Band for the next twelve months at the Annual General Meeting held on November 28th. 18 persons were present and the elections were conducted by Cr Julie Grant. The remainder of positions were filled as follows:

    Secretary - Alister Lang; Treasurer - Judy Atkinson; Uniform Convenor - Jorita deVries; Librarians - Peter & Glenice Campbell; Bulletin Editor - Meridith Gardiner; Publicity - Roy Hammond; Deputy Band Master - Tim Armstrong; Drum Major - Chris Hunt & Deputy Drum Major - Ricky Cooke. Bruce Armstrong remains as Bandmaster by appointment.

    With the approach of Christmas, we now have Carols at Longwarry (Dec 10th) Drouin (Dec 17th) and Warragul (Dec 24th) plus the hospital staff dinner on December 16th.

  • Roy's Club Notes - September 2011

    The band competed very successfully at the Traralgon Eisteddfod recently (18/09/2011). In both grades (B & C) the band finished a close third.

    The on stage performance was excellent in both grades and the band was unlucky not to figure higher given the close margins. Two members received awards, George Smith for the most promising Junior Cornet Player and Rita Ockerse for the most promising Junior Bandsperson.

    Things are a little quiet on the playout scene at present. However the National Championships are being held in Melbourne over Easter 2012 and the band is seriously considering competing. This will require a massive effort from all concerned (players, committee & the musical director). An indication of commitment will be asked of all personnel shortly to ascertain the viability of competing.

  • Roy's Club Notes - August 2011

    Whilst your club notes scribe has been away on holidays the Band has continued merrily along on its musical way with the main performance being the 40th Anniversary edition of the Coffee Melody Night. This was a great success and photos from this night can be viewed on our Web Site. The band is currently in the throes of issuing a DVD of the concert which will be available soon at $25 per copy.

    In the meantime the band is coasting along with practices on both Tuesdays and Fridays in the run up to the Traralgon Eisteddfod which is being held on Sept 18th. The band has been competing at this contest on a continuous basis for almost 40 years and it provides a benchmark for the players on how they rate against other Gippsland bands.

  • Roy's Club Notes - March 2011

    Preparations for the 40th Anniversary Melody Night continue with details of ticket prices to be released soon. Featured on the program will be various solo items from band members as well as the Barry Sisters and two compositions written for band and piper. A varied program indeed for the brass band aficionado.

    At the Melody night the band will be unveiling their new drapes which feature the Baw Baw Shire Council logo as well as their new sconces (music stand lights) which will provide for some interesting stage lighting possibilities on the night.

    Also all up coming performances are listed which include Anzac Day April 25th at Warragul (9.30am) and at Bunyip at 1.30pm. Also on April 30th the Gippsland Arts Festival is being held in Warragul when there will be a massed band playout at 4pm in the Queen Street park.

  • Roy's Club Notes - February 2011

    Plans are now well underway for the 40th Anniversary of Coffee Melody Night. This will be held on June 18th at the Arts Centre. Guest artists have been booked and the music list from which the band will make its selections has been finalised with serious rehearsals being the order of the day.

    In the mean time the band has been fulfilling its civic functions by playing at the Ficifolia Festival at Drouin and the Warragul Show this past month.

    On Saturday, April 30th the band will be participating in the Gippsland Band Group Fun Day at Warragul. It will be a massed band play-out from 4pm onwards, with a recital at the Queen Street park and concluding with a performance as part of the ”Be Inspired Arts Festival” official opening at the Arts Centre at 5.00pm. Something not to be missed by our local brass band enthusiasts.