Play-out Information

The information supplied is designed to ensure that your organisation will get the best value from the Band’s performance and enable the Band to provide the most enjoyment for the audience.

You will appreciate that different circumstances will apply depending on the type of play-out involved. For example, whether it is indoors or outdoors, or if the Band is marching or seated. Only rarely will the playing conditions be ideal. The seating pattern of a static band or the marching formation of a band is generally fixed. 

At an indoor venue, the main factors that come into play are:
  • access
  • adequate space for band to set up
  • lighting
  • acoustics

At an outdoor venue the main considerations may be:
  • location
  • shelter (from wind or rain)
  • shade
  • acoustics
  • noise interference(such as a loud public address system or amplified music)
  • or in the case of a parade, marshalling, traffic control, route, location relative to other bands or floats in the parade.

Access to cool drinks particularly during warm weather is essential. If the play-out is spread out over a meal time then food should be available at the venue, either supplied as part of the arrangement or available for purchase.

It is also required that the organisation responsible for the venue and/or function will exercise appropriate duty of care in respect of security and safety for the Band (personnel and equipment) whilst it is setting up, performing and packing up.

At a play-out the Band would normally be seated and consist of approximately 25 players. Therefore an area of at least 12 by 10 metres would be required (percussion instruments take up quite a lot of space).

Normally, comfortable stable chairs with upright backs are required. If the venue is unable to supply seating the Band can (by prior arrangement) bring its own.

Some consideration should be given to the needs of the listening audience - preferably there should be a comfortable area where the public can sit, to watch the Band and to listen to and appreciate the music.

The type of music to be played is important and is normally left to the discretion of the Musical Director. However if you have any specific requests (for example, anthems, fanfares, accompaniment, background, marches, hymns, carols etc) these should be discussed with the Musical Director at least four weeks prior to the event.

Finally if you are advertising your event, then we would require the Band be acknowledged in any publicity or on posters.  We have a high profile in the district and a dedicated group of followers and any such pre-event publicity will be to the advantage of your function.