Band Makeup

Generally speaking the band consists of members drawn from the Shire of Baw Baw municipality and caters for brass and percussion players of both genders, of all ages and from rank beginners to the very experienced.

From within its membership two bands are established. Firstly there is the Warragul Municipal Junior Band which mostly comprises of learners and students. This band is for those aged under 19 years. And secondly there is the senior band, which is graded at ‘C’ level and comprises those over 19 years of age together with many of the accomplished juniors. An example of a ‘contesting band’ would normally greet the judges with a field of 22 players plus up to 3 percussionists.

The instrumentation of a brass band consists of cornets, flugel horns, tenor horns, baritones, euphoniums, trombones, tubas, tuned percussion and kit percussion. Generally the cornets are the solo instruments but each instrument is has an important part to play. The band itself is a collection of people who play music using brass wind instruments.

Over recent years the make up of the membership of the band has changed dramatically with an even balance between juniors and seniors being achieved. Previously the juniors would have significantly outnumbered the seniors due to the high intake of students from district secondary schools. However, now many of these schools have their own music programs and musical groups, resulting in a reduction to the number of available juniors.