Band Family

The band prides itself on family participation with the membership consisting of many family groups. Parents are encouraged to get involved through committee work, music library or as ‘roadies’ who assist with the setting up and dismantling of equipment on play-outs. Parents and friends are very welcome to come to the bandroom to listen to rehearsals and participate in other band activities.

The band has young people and older people. There are chorus members and skilled soloists. There are boys and girls, seniors and youngsters. It is a cross section of the community, working not only to provide enjoyment for others, but to develop their talents as individuals and as a team, working to achieve something, to reach their own goals and the goals of the team. A team who are all joined together with their common interest in music. It’s an activity the whole family can participate in whether it be practices, play-outs or trips away whilst contesting.